Passport compulsory for crew

The Passports Act, 1967 offers that no individual should leave from, or effort to leave from India, unless he holds a legitimate passport or traveling paper. As each the gazette alert provided by the federal government of India in 1968, in sight of the practical need of seafarer’s international traveling, the participants of the team as well as Tindal’s of cruising vessels holding identification cards or authorizations, under the Cruising Vessels (Members of Staff) Regulations, 19671 are spared from the obligatory demand of holding passports prior to taking a trip abroad. This arrangement permitted seafarers to take a trip abroad on the basis of their identification card.


The above stipulation has actually been reassessed by the federal government and also it has actually been determined to take out the above center after result from 01.06.2015. A duplicate of the gazette alert dated 16.03.2015 is linked.

And the passport renewal fee under this category has been raised

Because the above, all Indian people, that are additionally participants of the workers and also Tindal’s of cruising vessels are thus notified to get passports for their global traveling. All passport providing authorities in India as well as abroad are asked for to prolong their complete assistance in prompt issuance of passports to such candidates.

The MEA has assured that passport under these circumstances will be granted without any delay to people under these circumstances. However this is yet to be seen as everybody knows that getting a passport has never been an hassle free issue and consumes lot of time and ability of every individual and also the passport fees would be same.

For more details relating to passport services, such as documents required for passport for senior citizens or adults or minors, how to replace lost passport or for fees for passport in India  visit passport Suchna website . The PASSPORT SUCHNA website has been developed & designed in order to help the citizens with the information they required for getting their Passport.


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