How to replace a lost passport

If your Passport is Lost or Damaged it can be replaced easily Passport Suchna also imparts detailed info about the passport renewal process even about the documents required for passport

 1) First check that you have lost your passport.

 2) make sure you have all documents for damaged or lost passport


(But Photo Is Intact, Passport Number Is Intact & Name Is Legible)​


​1.  Old Passport in original with self-attested of it’s first two and last two pages including ECR/Non-ECR (previously ECNR) & the page of observation, if made by any passport issuing authority & validity extension page, if any in respect of short validity passport.

  1. Passport addresses proof, if address is different from old Passport.
  2. Date of birth proof for passport.
  3. Passport Affidavit stating how and where the passport got damaged as per Annexure ”L”.



 3) Make an appointment online with passport office or regional office and make sure to be there on time. You will not be allowed to go in passport office without an appointment.

(Be sure to carry all documents with 3-4 passport photos and if possible the police complaint copy if you have made it)

4)  Visit slots at the office and complete the appointment there by filling all the required task for Passport renewal

(You need to be patient as this might take up all the day and all of your patience)

5) You need to wait for police verification and you need to take a lot of time to get it done. But you can request them to do it early.

Usually every passport application needs to go through police verification, fresh or reissue, exceptions being reissue of undamaged/not lost passport with same address or minor’s passport when at least one parent has a valid passport with spouse name endorsed. Most normal applications are on pre-police verification (police verification (PV) done before issue of passport) while most tatkaal applications are on post-PV method (PV done after passport is issued). If you receive a passport on post-PV and need to travel soon, inform police and RPO in writing and take acknowledgement. PV will be done later.

That is the end of your passport application procedure. When your passport is dispatched, you will receive an email/SMS. If you’re not at home you will get intimation and must visit the post office to collect your brand-new passport.


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